The photographic works of international photographer, George Hruby, are often artistic in style. Hruby often conveys his own message in shooting historical subject matter, often at night, with always his trademark ‘slightly-out-of-focus’ or blurred effect in such shots. His unique “painted images’ effect is also seen where he has mastered the effect of taking film or digital imagery and, producing a photographic image that more closely resembles a painting than a photograph.

In his own words …

History is often blurred, fuzzy, not quite in-focus. We never fully know or understand what happened …. only bits and pieces of a puzzle that we can never completely put together. When I shoot on film, a location involving history, especially at night, I try and relay this concept in my work. I try to create an image that is focused and yet parts of it are not. Maybe the streetlamp, or the moon, or people ….. something will be slightly out-of-focus. Just as history truly is. Thus, I see my images as a more accurate portrayal of what lies in front of my camera. Always leaving an air of mystery and wonderment to that location or object of focus.